Lost Foam Sand Process

  • Lost foam sand casting process is a solid molding of a foam mold using a non-bonding agent dry sand combined with vacuuming technology.
  • The foam model similar in shape and shape of the casting is bonded and combined into a model cluster, which is coated with refractory paint and dried.
  • Vibrating modeling in dry quartz sand, casting under negative pressure, gasifying the model, liquid metal occupying the position of the model, and forming a new casting method after solidification and cooling.


Advantages of the Process

  • Large Design Freedom
  • Controllable Wall Thickness
  • No Chaplets
  • No Fins
  • No Mismatch

Attributes of the Process

  • Casting Alloys
  • Size Range of Castings
  • Cost of the Process
  • Viable Manufacturing Quantities
  • Casting Integrity


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