Sand Cooler

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Water-spray type:

  • Fastest cooling method available.
  • Ideal in case, where additional moisture is desirable.
  • No need for any additional airflow.

Fluidised bed type:

  • Ideal for fine grain and powder material for cooling.
  • Air of the cooling machine covers most of the grain surface for rapid cooling.
  • Available for No-Bake and Lost Foam Process.
  • Fluidization is done with a controlled amount of airflow help to remove dust and fines from the sand.
  • Provision of a temperature sensing system for output sand.

Vertical counter blow type:

  • Gives counterflow to the vertically falling sand (or any grainy material).
  • Consumes less power and airflow compared to Fluidised bed type sand cooler.
  • Ideal for good availability of height.


Advantages of the Process

  • Large Design Freedom
  • Controllable Wall Thickness
  • No Chaplets
  • No Fins
  • No Mismatch

Attributes of the Process

  • Casting Alloys
  • Size Range of Castings
  • Cost of the Process
  • Viable Manufacturing Quantities
  • Casting Integrity


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